My inner domestic goddess is REAL.

Put down the Pine Sol… There’s a better way.

Can I let you in on a secret? I love to clean. I was raised in a house with impeccable standards of cleanliness and I’m a firm believer in making the bed daily and scrubbing the tub often.

Though keeping a pet-friendly home spotless is a lot of work, I sort of love how my house sparkles after an intense cleaning spree. What I don’t love is the headache that follows. Maybe it’s because I’ve been around them since a very young age, but I’m super sensitive to standard cleaning supply scents.

The lemon/chemical death smell of most sprays is enough to put me in bed with a headache for an entire afternoon, and don’t even get me started on Pine Sol. Sometimes I make my own all-purpose cleaner, which is way less harsh and smells like lemon and lavender (yum!), and other times I splurge on luxury products that smell like all sorts of delicious things.

There are so many wonderful companies out there making beautiful, handcrafted, and delightfully perfumed home products, but these four in particular make regular appearances in my cabinets.

Chemical smells = never again!



I really can’t believe the smells that come out of these beautiful bottles. The ginger pomelo dryer sheets are so fresh and vibrant that I often stuff them in my drawers, and the rosewater driftwood counter spray makes my kitchen smell like a rosebush in a garden by the beach. My absolute favorite Caldrea product is the dish soap, which comes in seven scents, including mandarin vetiver and lavender pine.

The Laundress

The Laundress

I’ve always loved doing laundry above all other cleaning tasks. It’s so satisfying to pull your warm, clean clothing out of the dryer. The Laundress makes the process even more heavenly. I love the special formula for delicates, underthings, and some dry-clean-only items. It’s called “lady” and it’s scented with amber, bergamot, lavender, and musk. The classic scent, meanwhile, has lily of the valley, jasmine, sweet musk, sandalwood, and citrus. They also make cute little home cleaning products and special cleaning brushes. Also: The Laundress did a rose detergent collabo with Le Labo! Legit.

Ladurée Home


If you want your humble abode to smell like a French palace, this is the home fragrance line for you. Though Ladurée Home doesn’t have any actual cleaning products–or a ton of selection–they certainly have style. I have a fancy little tradition: every time I go to New York City I bring home a Ladurée candle. My current favorite is the Tokyo candle, a pink wax dream that smells of tea and cherry blossoms. I’m also pretty addicted to the rose geranium home spray, which smells like a sweet summer breeze, and the rice powder scented ball. I use the latter to keep my bathroom smelling pleasant.

Meyer’s Clean Day


Meyer’s was started by a woman who wanted to make heavy duty cleaning products that smelled like her mother’s (Mrs. Meyers’s) garden. You can watchthis cute little video to learn more. My favorite thing about this line is how well it cleans gross mold and scum while smelling like honeysuckle, bluebell, or, my personal favorite, peony. Everyone needs a toilet cleaner that smells like flowers.

The Good Home Co.


The Good Home Co. is a New York-based company selling handmade products that are totally vegan and biodegradable. The line was created by a former fragrance designer, so the scents are both amazing and very original. I like that they make little luxuries like scented clothespins, vacuum beads, and non-toxic pet-specific products. My favorite scent so far is called “beach days,” with notes of wood and fresh linen, but you can also special order your own custom scented products.

What fancy home cleaning products have you tried and loved? Any brands/scents in particular that you recommend?


Home Products That Smell Like Expensive Perfumes

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